What are you longing for?

Grassroots Festival

Grassroots Opportunities

Grassroots Opportunities are where the action will happen during Festival. They are spaces where Christians and people who are not Christians will gather with the purpose of intentionally talking about Jesus. 

Coastal Walk


Saturday 5th May
Bondi to Coogee
Get some exercise on the weekend, meet new people and talk. Ask any questions you may have about Christianity and Jesus.
Contact Vivian & Sharon Ling
by clicking here
or via the facebook event

Clothes Swap


Wednesday 9th May
3pm @ Merewether Courtyard
Swap clothes and hear about how Jesus' love for us covers our longing for a lasting image and belonging. 
Contact Mary Zheng
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or via the facebook event

Law-n Picnic


Thursday 10th May
11am-1pm @ Law Lawns
A picnic on the Law Lawns to hang out, eat good food and listen to someone share their encounter with Jesus. 
Contact Laure de Feyter
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or via the facebook event

Learn to Paint


Wednesday 9th May
2-5pm @ Victoria Park
Want to learn how to paint, improve in your painting or watch painting? Come and learn how to paint, and paint what you are longing for.
Contact: Paolo Santillan
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or via the facebook event

Video Games


Thursday 10th May
5:30pm @ PNR 316
Are you longing for the perfect gaming experience? Play multiplayer video games and hear a talk about Jesus and video games. 
Contact Owen Robson & Sam Lam
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or via the facebook event

A Pain-Free World


Thursday 10th May
A panel of people gathered to discuss the idea of 'God and suffering'.
Contact: Annie Burns
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Botanical Gardens


Board Games


Friday 11th May
@ Botanical Gardens
Come and join a picnic in the Botanical Gardens with students from the Conservatorium.
Contact: Richard Wong
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Thursday 10th May
5:30pm @ ABS 2200
Come and play board games with the Pure Arts faculty.
Contact Andrew LeMarne
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Spiritual Yoga 


Blue Mountains


Come and hear about the good news of Jesus while learning yoga.
Contact: Hayley Lukabyo
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Saturday May 12th
A trip for domestic and international students in the Economics & Business faculty to visit the Blue Mountains. 
Contact: Sam Robb
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Friday 17th May
@ Nano Science Building
Come for free pizza dinner and and hear about cosmological fine tuning from Dr Luke A. Barnes.
Contact: Alex Ecob
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or via the facebook event